Caldwell University

Bearcast Media on various devices.

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  • Client: Caldwell University
  • Location: Caldwell, NJ
  • Role: Web Developer
  • Type: Web Development, Interactive
  • Date: August 2013
  • Features: Interactive CSS card flips, animations with GreenSock Library.
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Project Details

During my time as a web developer at Hobsons Educational Solutions, I created various micro-sites like Caldwell University, University of Oregon, and Palm Beach Atlantic University. These micro-sites are single page websites that use JavaScript to animate between the different “pages.”

Interactive cards are used to provide the user with additional information about enrollment, social life, and living expenses for the college life at Caldwell. Transition and card flip animations are achieved using the GreenSock JavaScript Library. Caldwell University also utilizes Modernizr for greater browser support.

Bearcast Media as saved on an iPhone homescreen.

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