• First Day of College

    In the Fall of 2010, I started my college career as an Electronic Media major at the University of Cincinnati: Blue Ash College. I've learned so many skills that I can apply to web design and development.


  • First Web Client

    After picking up the ways of the code, I moved away from class projects to client work. My high school needed a new website for their booster organization. This new website brought their online presence into the 21st century.


  • Recognition

    Towards the end of my time at UCBA, I received the Web Director's Award for my degree project. This award is presented to the student in each discipline with the most professional project.

  • Achievement Unlocked: Earn an Associate's Degree

    Hardwork pays off. In May, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college.

  • Started Working at Hobsons

    After graduating, I started working at Hobsons Educational Solutions as a web developer. I worked closely with the Director of New Media, producing interactive mirco-sites for various universities around the country.


  • Launch of First Major Project

    Months after being appointed Bearcat Media's first New Media Director, I launched my first major independent project. This was the first project that had me manage a small group of people in different departments. The website gave a fresh look to the organization and boosted online rankings.

  • More Recognition

    In April, I was recognized for my leadership and work ethic as Bearcat Media's "Director of the Year." This award is presented to the director that goes "above and beyond" their primary duty.

  • Launch of First Corporate Website

    In the summer of 2014, I produced a website for the Indianapolis based software company, InfoDynamics. InfoDynamics was the first corporate website I produced; which was heavily optimized for SEO and web performance.


  • Started Working at Upright Communications

    A growing clientele means a job opening! In March, I accepted a job at a Cincinnati digital marketing agency, Upright Communications. I worked as a web developer and video editor working with some fantastic and talented people.

  • Achievement Unlocked: Earn a Bachelor's Degree

    In late 2015, I walked across UC's stage and graduated forever a Bearcat with a BFA in Electronic Media. Go Bearcats!


  • Started Working at KalioCommerce

    KalioCommerce is a web design company based in California that specializes in e-commerce web design. As the front-end developer, I would build client websites on Kalio's cloud based content management system.

  • Started My Own Business

    In May of 2016 I started my own web design business, Parsec Digital Media, LLC. As the founder and main web developer, I work with clients so I can understand their needs and create a product that best represents them.

  • Published My First Plugin

    LeftyRighty.js is a jQuery plugin that can detect important elements you specify in a row and flip them! This plugin was developed for people with physical disabilities in hopes to make the mobile web easier to use. I am consistently working on improvements. Please fork the repo!

  • Started Working at Drees Homes

    I currently work as a Front-End Developer at Drees Homes. We build interactive single page applications with AngularJS for Drees internal use. I work closely with back-end developers to tie in data to the front-end. These apps are used by builders to build custom homes.


  • Started Working With You

    If you're interested in expanding your online presence, contact me with some basic information about you and your project!